quick review: isekai nonbiri nouka and tamayura: hitotose.

A quick note before we start, this is an experimental first post and does not represent what this gemlog may look like in the future. I hope to do more in depth analysis of more interesting shows, or at least something better than this. So consider sticking around for that. anyway, on with the show.

Hello and welcome to the first post on my gem log. If the text is a little strange, that's because I'm using an AI speech-to-text transcribing program, simply because I'm a slow typer and I can't really be bothered to write it out by hand. If this doesn't work out very well, I'll switch to regular writing for the next post. I'm making this because I think that there are a lot of decent gem blogs about technology and a lot of gemlogs about gemini itself, which makes sense given the crowd who would end up using a protocol like this. But outside of those niches, there aren't that many gem logs for sort of General topics of discussion. I think there are probably, a lot of anime, manga, and visual novel otaku, who use Gemini, and having an anime gem log is probably quite nice. So, I'm going to be using this gemlog to talk about anime manga visual novels and whatever other otaku media. I've been consuming lately. So today's post is going to be about two shows.

First I'm going to be talking about isekai nonbiri nouka or farming life in another world. This is a currently airing show which I didn't know when I started watching it. I wanted to Marathon the whole thing, but was disappointed to find out that there are two episodes that are still not out. I don't normally watch currently airing anime for this reason. I prefer to watch the whole season in Marathon format. But nonetheless, I did watch the whole thing and I enjoyed it very much. I think some people might critique this show for being generic, but those sorts of people would critique every isekai for being generic. I am an isekai Defender, I don't think there's anything wrong with the genre. Although there are some lazy shows in it. There were no more lazy shows in this genre than there are in any other genre you can Think of. I particularly like these sorts of slow life style isekai shows. And I think this is one of the better ones.

One thing I wanted to make note of is the narrative structure of this show. I think this is agreat example of modern otaku media differing from traditional narrative structures rather than taking cues from three acts structures, Story Circle, hero's journey. Instead this show takes inspiration from RPG mechanics. Rather than characters, learning and growing, and changing after overcoming difficult struggles, and experiencing a lowest point, there isn't really that much conflict in this show. There's very little in fact. Instead The Narrative satisfaction comes from a constant and clear upward and expansionist progress, just like playing MMORPG. You can see every episode the main character and the main cast more broadly, making consistent, satisfying progress, just like number go up in a video game. There is no particular lowest point or narrative tension other than, like, Cookie Clicker or antimatter Dimensions, simply watching the number go up as it were.

I think this is a novel and exciting development in narrative structure and it just goes to show how arbitrary traditional Western three-act structure is really, when you can make perfectly entertaining stories, which are inspired by the necessities of game design. It's a really interesting crossing of cultures that the iseaki genre itself, was inspired by MMORPGs and as the genre has continued to evolve, even its narrative structure is being influenced by the progression mechanics of those video games. This is especially cool to me when I don't like the trend of modern AAA especially Western game titles, taking a lot of narrative inspiration from film and television to the point where it's detrimental to its own medium, It's nice to see that flowing in reverse and having anime take of design cues from video games.

In terms of the other aspects of the show, I don't think there's anything super stand out. The world-building is slightly above average but nothing to write home about. The visual design is functional. Very matter-of-fact not particularly stylish or Innovative but it gets the job done. I think the characters have quite good chemistry, they're not entirely OneNote but they're definitely not super deep.

However, I did get a great deal of enjoyment out of watching this show in the end. My girlfriend, who has read the Manga further than the show has aired so far, tells me some interesting things about what the story might end up doing in season 2, which I am both excited and nervous to so see play out.

lthough, I specifically asked her not togive me too many details, so I don't know that much about what's going to happen. I'm considering picking up the manga myself because I don't know if I want to wait for a possibly non-existent season 2. So I'll let you know how that goes.

The next show I want to talk about is Tamayury: Hitotose. This is the first real season of tamayura, the prequel being an OVA, I say real. The first televised season of Tamayura. This is a really good and largely overlooked, slice-of-life anime.

I am a big fan of the slice-of-life, cute girls doing cute things. iyashi-kei genre. I'm a big proponent of that. Some of my favorite shows, the majority of my favorite shows, even fit into that genre. And so this show is a perfect fit for me and I think this is a standout success.

If you enjoy shows like Aria, hdamari sketch, maybe even flying witch I think there's a good chance you will enjoy Tamayura: hitotose. The girls are very cute but they are also all well-rounded characters with well-thought-out Dynamics

and Intricately written, personalities, and Back stories, which makes sense and flesh out themselves and the world and each other. The setting, which I believe is something very important for this genre of anime. Is really neat. It really helps to enhance the healing factor of the show to have it set in this sleepy, rural Village. and overall, I think this shows very calming.

It's a great look at what drives people to create and how that affects their lives. It feels like we're watching these characters begin to find the pathway which they will follow through to the rest of their life. And that pathway makes a lot of narrative sense, given each character's backstory and personality There are some moments of well-executed drama, but it never goes over the top. It stays satisfying without becoming cheesy melodramatic, soap opera style tier jerking, which is something that I am not a big fan of

Honestly, I'm surprised you don't see more people talking about this show, given how frequently there are threads on 4chan about many of the other major slice of life's even ones, which haven't had a season for many years. Or the rest of the internet, slice-of-life fans tend to be quite vocal as we tend to be the hardcore base of otakudom, so it's surprising that there hasn't, or at least I haven't seen that much discussion of this particular show. overall, I give this a strong recommendation if you're into Cute girls, doing cute things Slice of Life, iyashi-kei stuff. So that's my first. Post, let's hope the AI transcription service is decent, and I don't have to do too much editing of this.